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We regret to inform our users that the website Eazy Po will be closing on March 18th due to our inability to pay for hosting fees. We have been unable to secure the necessary funds to renew our subscription and keep the website running. We are asking for donations from our users in order to help us cover the cost of hosting fees and keep the website alive. Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your support.

Eazy Po is a translation editor and a catalog manager for Gettext translation files.

It is less than 4 MB, no setup required, just download, unzip and run. It's Free
(Last update: May 07, 2022)

Translators Developers Maintainers

Improve you productivity with a comfortable environment that gives you powerful tools to manage your translations with much ease, confidence and joy.

Get the translation editor that respects your needs as a developer. Use a comprehensive and powerful interface to GNU xgetetext utility to extract messages from source code.

Manage your projects and keep track of translation status of each file. Update and merge files and visually manage differences in messages files.